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Denver's Best Coffee Shops for Writers: The Noshery

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This week's coffee spot is fairly new to me: The Noshery on Lowell Blvd, near Regis University. Between the light and airy decor, the neighborhood vibe, and the gorgeous bakery case, this is one of my new favorite places to write. Though it's a popular cafe, it's also off the beaten path. Not many suits or power meetings here.

The Space

The Noshery is basically a big, open rectangle--give or take a few walls--with plenty of seating inside and a nice patio by the street. The bakery case and counter are smack dab in the middle, so the whole place manages to feel busy and homey at the same time.

When you arrive at The Noshery, a simple exterior welcomes you: white stucco, mint green trim, and their cute rolling pin logo. Inside, you'll find pale green walls, white wainscoting, and hand-me-down, mismatched tables and chairs. To me, it reads very hipster-urban-farmhouse. I swear it's impossible to feel stressed out here--which could definitely be an advantage if you're writing something tense and suspenseful. This is a safe space, fellow nervous writers. It's okay.


 Fresh-baked breads and muffins, a creative breakfast/lunch menu, and a touch of whimsy make The Noshery a solid contender when it comes to food. I'm tempted to come here just for the potato waffles with house smoked salmon and chive creme fraiche, and leave my laptop at home! Or how about beer biscuits and sausage gravy? Anyone?

When I'm writing, I keep things simple: a soy latte--they serve Coda coffee, solid--and a bran muffin or raspberry scone. A good bran muffin will always make my list of favorite things, and this one did not disappoint. Moist, not too sweet, with a really tasty wheat-cereal flavor. Mmmm. The scones are light, flaky, with just the right hint of salt. And the yogurt & granola is another go-to choice for a morning writing session.


My current work in progress is a bit dark, so I'm really digging the lighter vibe here. The thrift store furnishings and touches of distressed wood have just enough "creepy-old-house-ness" while overall making me feel cozy and welcome. I love the old wooden shutters and doors decorating the walls. And the pretty floral aprons for sale here make me want to go home and do some baking myself.

The hours are also perfect for a morning person (like yours truly). They open up at 7:30 T-Sun, and close up at 4pm. Plenty of time for a long, productive day of writing. No procrastination allowed!

The rainbow-striped meringue cookies that occasionally grace the bakery counter capture The Noshery perfectly: charming, a little quirky, but still easy-going and light as air. The Noshery now has a prime spot in my coffee shop rotation.

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