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    Because reading about writing doesn't count as procrastination. It's called research.

    October 30, 2017 · Writing Tips,Writers Life
    I've been away from the blog for awhile, busy working on a new young adult project. That means research, brainstorming, outlining, finding models for each character on Google Images...you get the idea. It also means tackling a brand new first draft. Ugh. I hate first drafts. I hate them with...
    April 27, 2017 · Coffee Shops,Writers Life
    Sometimes, a novelist needs a quiet, cozy corner. A place to immerse oneself in a character, a scene, an emotion. At those moments, I seek out a coffee shop with a soft couch, dim lighting, and a quiet hum of white noise in the background. But sometimes, a very different kind of ambiance is in...
    February 9, 2017 · Writing Tips,Writers Life
    I hate waiting. What a controversial statement, right? Of course we all hate waiting. But I think writers have a special, intimate hatred for waiting. We just have to do so much of it! We check e-mail obsessively while we wait to hear back from agents. We wait patiently (and nervously) for edit...
    January 19, 2017 · Writers Life,Pep Talks
    Imagine this. You, the irrepressible writer, spend years on a manuscript. You painstakingly edit and revise, you put all of your heart and soul into the prose, perfect it through draft after draft after draft, until--finally!--you've realized your ultimate vision. It's done! And then.... You...
    December 8, 2016 · Writing Tips
    Part II of a two-part series on Revising Like a Pro. Find Part I here. Before I had an editor, I had no idea what an "edit letter" was. I'd written several manuscripts and gone through many revisions on my own, so I thought I had a basic handle on the editorial process. I'd thought I was...
    December 1, 2016 · Writing Tips
    Part I of a two-part series on 'Revising Like A Pro.' For Part II, come back next week, or subscribe below. Finishing a first draft of a manuscript is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially your first first draft! Maybe you powered through NaNoWriMo with everyone else; maybe your...
    November 9, 2016 · Writing Tips,Writers Life
    Writing is an extremely emotional exercise. It's cathartic, it's infuriating, and it's terrifying. Writers, for understandable reasons, tend to be a temperamental bunch. We detest our work as much as we adore it, but we're always fiercely protective of it. Enter the critique partner. Will it...
    October 18, 2016 · Writers Life,Coffee Shops
    This week's coffee spot is fairly new to me: The Noshery on Lowell Blvd, near Regis University. Between the light and airy decor, the neighborhood vibe, and the gorgeous bakery case, this is one of my new favorite places to write. Though it's a popular cafe, it's also off the beaten path. Not...
    October 12, 2016 · Writing Tips
    All of us writers are, first and foremost, readers. We've all wandered around a bookstore, searching for our next favorite read. Usually the cover draws me first (not surprising) and then the jacket copy. Okay, I'm intrigued. But unless I know the author's work already (or I've seen incredible...
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    A.N. Willis writes YA--sometimes sci-fi, sometimes supernatural, always with heavy doses of action and romance. Her science fiction novel THE CORRIDOR and its sequel THE THIRTEENTH WORLD were inspired by her love of sci-fi television growing up. When she's not writing, she's reading the latest from Stephen King, Dan Simmons, John Green, Donna Tartt--and anything YA. She feels at home wherever she can see the mountains.

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    Infinite worlds. Endless possibilities . . . 

    Stel Alaster has never known life without the Corridor. It appeared suddenly seventeen years ago, the only portal to a parallel version of our world—Second Earth. Everyone on First Earth fears Mods, the genetically modified Second Earthers who built the Corridor. They are too smart, too strong, and have powers that can’t be controlled. Any Mod found on First Earth is branded, then detained in the Corridor’s research labs.

    Only Stel has a dangerous secret. She has a power, too: She can open a portal to Second Earth . . . and several other parallel universes she’s discovered. If anyone ever finds out, she’ll be imprisoned, no better than a Mod or common lab rat.

    But when the Corridor starts to fail, emitting erratic bursts of energy that could destroy First Earth, Stel must risk everything to save the people and world she loves. With the help of an escaped Mod and an infuriatingly arrogant boy from a third universe, Stel sets out to unravel the mysteries of the Corridor and stabilize it before it’s too late. The fate of every world lies in the balance. . . .


    Published by Alloy Entertainment; available on Amazon.

    Corridor Series Book Two

    Time is running out for Stel Alaster. The Corridor, the only portal between First and Second Earth, is failing and the barriers between all twelve worlds are thinning. Using her unique ability to travel through the multiverse, Stel sets out to save the Corridor . . . and ends up discovering a mysterious new world.


    In the sequel to The Corridor, will the thirteenth world hold the key to the Corridor’s secrets? Or will the portal implode and take every last universe down with it?


    Published by Alloy Entertainment; available on Amazon.

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    From USA Today's Happily Ever After blog

    HEA contributor Serena Chase pulled together six YA romance authors — Siobhan Davis, Katie Kennedy, Jill Williamson, Mary Weber, A.N. Willis and Deanna Fugett — to discuss the sci-fi segment of their sub-genre. Read their group interview here.

    The perfect accompaniment to a slice of pie and a few days off work--books! Includes a new read from Jennifer Donnelly, Melissa Pearl's SPACE BETWEEN HEARTBEATS, and THE CORRIDOR too! Get the list here.

    My guest post over at Cheyanne Young's site

    To celebrate the release of THE THIRTEENTH WORLD, I wrote a guest post on Cheyanne Young's blog all about how I got the idea for The Corridor Series. Find it here.

    From Buzzfeed Community

    A great list of books for any YA fiction lover to check out this fall--featuring THE CORRIDOR at number three!

    Some under-the-radar YA books for your reading list. THE CORRIDOR is included, along with some other excellent titles. Read here.

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